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Vladimir Salnikov


Curriculum vitae

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Working Group
Rencontre Poisson
La Rochelle
Juin 2018

Algebraic Topology,
Geometry and Physics
RMATH Luxembourg

HGFT 2015
Higher Geometry
and Field Theory
December 2015,

DISCO 2012
Integrability in
Dynamical Systems
and Control
November 2012, Rouen

"Pourquoi les mathématiques?"
Moscow, Russia, 2012
GTSMP 2010
Gauge Theories, Supersymmetry, and
Mathematical Physics.
April 2010, Lyon

Research interests

  • Generalized geometry and super geometry;
  • Geometry and quantization of sigma models; supersymmetric models;
  • Qualitative analysis of dynamical systems: algebraic,
    topological and numerical approaches, integrability;
  • Modelling: thermodynamical equilibrium in biological simulations;
    mechanical, thermal and electric properties of composites within
    the framework of stochastic homogeneization;
  • Numerical aspects: GPU and parallel computing;
  • Applications : physics, mechanics.
See also the Research statement. and the complete version of the CV.

Research activities

  • 9 articles published in journals,
    7 published in the refereed proceedings,
    4 submitted and 5 in preparation. See the full list
  • Participation in 83 conferences, workshops and schools, including 43 with communication and
    6 as an invited speaker. See the full list

Scientific stays abroad

Sept. - Nov. 2010 The International Erwin Schrödinger Institute (ESI) for mathematical
  physics Program ``Higher Structures in mathematics and physics'',
  supported by the ESI Junior Fellowship - Vienna, Austria.
Nov. 2007 Collaboration with Ruhr-Universität Bochum, within the framework
  of the ``Euler'' project - Bochum, Germany.

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