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Vladimir Salnikov


Curriculum vitae

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Working Group
Rencontre Poisson
La Rochelle
Juin 2018

Algebraic Topology,
Geometry and Physics
RMATH Luxembourg

HGFT 2015
Higher Geometry
and Field Theory
December 2015,

DISCO 2012
Integrability in
Dynamical Systems
and Control
November 2012, Rouen

"Pourquoi les mathématiques?"
Moscow, Russia, 2012
GTSMP 2010
Gauge Theories, Supersymmetry, and
Mathematical Physics.
April 2010, Lyon


Communications dans des conférences, workshops et écoles

  • XXV International Fall Workshop on Geometry and Physics, Madrid, 2016 (comm. orale);
  • Conference Poisson 2016, Zurich, Switzerland, 2016 (poster);
  • Colloque International de Théories Variationnelles (CITV) -- Souriau Colloquium, La Rochelle, France, 2016 (minicours invité);
  • Conference of the Belgian, Royal Spanish and Luxembourg Mathematical Societies, Logrono, Spain, 2016 (comm. orale);
  • III Meeting on Lie systems, Varsovie, Pologne, 2015 (conf. invité);
  • School and International Conference on Geometry and Quantization, ICMAT, Madrid, Espagne, 2015 (poster);
  • The 18th International Conference on Composite Structures, Lisbonne, Portugal, 2015 (comm. orale);
  • Journée de la Fédération de Recherche Normandie-Mathématiques, Le Havre, France, 2015 (comm. orale);
  • Journée "Simulation numérique et calcul intensif", le CRIHAN, Rouen, France, 2014 (comm. orale)
  • La sixème journée de la Fédération de Recherche Normandie-Mathématiques, Caen, France, 2014 (poster);
  • International Workshop "Dynamics & Kinetic theory of self-gravitating systems" (IHP Gravasco trimester), Paris, France, (comm. orale);
  • Conference on Integrability, Topological Obstructions to Integrability and Interplay with Geometry (RP Geometry and Dynamics of Integrable Systems), Barcelona, Spain, 2013 (comm. orale);
  • Thematic week "Integrability and the newtonian N-Body Problem", (IHP Gravasco trimester), Paris, France, (conférencier invité);
  • 2nd Conference on Finite Dimensional Integrable Systems, CIRM Luminy, France, 2013 (poster);
  • The 6th edition of the international conference Functional Equations in LIMoges, France, 2013 (comm. orale);
  • International Workshop ``Geometric Structures in Integrable Systems'', Moscow, Russia, 2012 (conférencier invité);
  • 8th European Solid Mechanics Conference, Graz, Austria, 2012 (comm. orale).
  • La quatrième journée de la Fédération de Recherche Normandie-Mathématiques, Rouen, France, 2012 (poster);
  • Dynamical systems and classical mechanics: a conference in celebration of Vladimir Arnold, Edinburgh, 2011 (poster);
  • Research Workshop on Modern approaches to dynamical integrability, Portsmouth, England, 2011 (comm. orale);
  • Workshop on Algebraic Geometry and Physics, Saint Jean de Monts, 2010 (comm. orale);
  • III International Summer School on Geometry, Mechanics, and Control, L'Ametlla de Mar, Spain, 2009 (poster);
  • Geneva-Lyon winter school, Les Diablerets, Switzerland, 2009 (comm. orale);
  • Conference on problems of quality of scientific education in higher grades, Moscow, Russia, 2008 (comm. orale, organisation);
  • Mathematical and Numerical Models for the Cardiovascular System, summer course, Cortona, Italy, 2008 (comm. orale);
  • 5-th European Congress of Mathematics, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 2008 (poster);
  • ``Round table'' on the Realization of the lyceum education, Moscow, Russia, 2008 (comm. orale);
  • Contest-Conference For Young Scientists - Institute of Mechanics, MSU, Russia, 2007 (comm. orale);
  • Conference ``Symmetry and Perturbation Theory'', Otranto, Italy, 2007 (comm. orale);
  • Conference ``Dynamical Integrability'', CIRM, Luminy, France, 2006 (comm. orale);
  • Summer School ``Contemporary Mathematics'', Dubna (Ratmino), Russia, 2006 (conférencier assistant);
  • 7-th Junior Mathematical Congress , Tg-Mures, Romania, 2006 (conférencier invité, comité scientifique);
  • Conference ``Dynamics and Structure in Chemistry and Biology'', Moscow, Russia, 2006 (comm. orale);
  • Moscow-Bavarian Joint Advanced Student School on ``Medical Imaging and Computer Simulations'' and ``Nanobiotechnology and Biosensors'', Moscow, Russia, 2006 (conférencier invité);
  • The Fifth Euromech Nonlinear Dynamics Conference, Eindhoven, The Netherlands, 2005 (comm. orale);
  • XXXIII International Summer School-Conference ``Advanced Problems in Mechanics'', St. Petersburg, Russia, 2005 (poster);
  • Conference ``Dynamics and Structure in Chemistry and Biology'', Moscow, Russia, 2005 (comm. orale);
  • Conference ``Mathematics, Computer, Education'', Puschino, Russia, 2005 (comm. orale et poster);
  • The Contest-Conference For Young Scientists - Institute of Mechanics, MSU, Russia, 2004 (comm. orale, diplôme de 2d degré);
  • Conference ``Molecular Simulation Studies in Material and Biological Sciences'', Dubna, Russia, 2004 (comm. orale);
  • CEEPUS Computer Algebra Summer University, Miskolc, Hungary, 2004 (comm. orale);
  • 6-th Junior Mathematical Congress, Stockholm, Sweden, 2004 (comm. orale);
  • The 3-rd Kargin Conference ``Polymers 2004'', MSU, Russia, 2004 (comm. orale);

Participation aux conférences, workshops et écoles

    • 50th Seminar ''Sophus Lie'', Bedlewo, Poland, 2016.
    • School "Quantum Structure of Spacetime and Gravity", Belgrade, Serbia, 2016;
    • Winter School in Mathematical Physics, Les Diablerets, Switzerland, 2016;
    • Workshop "Higher Geometry and Field Theory", Luxembourg, 2015 (Organisation);
    • Oberwolfach Seminar Derived Geometry, Oberwolfach, Allemagne, 2015;
    • Conference Nonlinear Control and Geometry, Bedlewo, Pologne, 2015;
    • Workshop on 3-dimensional Geometric Structures, Representations of Surface Groups and related topics, Luxembourg, 2015;
    • Journée Normastic, Caen, France, 2015;
    • Journées Astronomie et Systèmes Dynamiques : N-body problems, Paris, 2015;
    • Journées transCouesnon de théorie des groupes, Caen, 2015;
    • Winter School in Mathematical Physics, Les Diablerets, Switzerland, 2015;
    • "Geometry and Mechanics", International Conference in honor of Charles-Michel Marle Paris, France, 2014
    • Winter School in Mathematical Physics, Les Diablerets, Switzerland, 2014;
    • Bio-Dynamics-Day, LMAH-Le Havre Normandy, France, 2013;
    • Journée d'algébre, GTIA, Caen, France, 2013;
    • Winter School in Mathematical Physics, Les Diablerets, Switzerland, 2013;
    • Biologie, Médecine et Systèmes Complexes -
      GdR ``Dynamique et Contrôle des Systèmes Complexes'', Rouen, France, 2012.
    • International workshop on Integrability in Dynamical Systems and Control,
      DISCo - 2012, Rouen, France, 2012 (organisation);
    • Recent Progress in Lagrangian and Hamiltonian Dynamics -- A conference in honor of
      John Mather's 70th Birthday, Lyon, France, 2012;
    • Winter School in Mathematical Physics, Les Houches, France, 2012.
    • Symmetries, Integrable Systems and Representations, Lyon, France, 2011.
    • Workshop on Covariant Field Theory, Luxembourg ville, Luxembourg, 2011;
    • Journées de physique mathématique: Loop quantum gravity, Lyon, France, 2011;
    • Poisson Geometry and Applications, Figueira da Foz (Coimbra), Portugal, 2011;
    • Espaces, groupes et algèbres de lacets 2011, CIRM Luminy, France, 2011;
    • Winter School in Mathematical Physics, Les Diablerets, Switzerland, 2011;
    • School and conference on Higher Structures in mathematics and physics, within the ESI program, Vienna, Austria, 2010;
    • International Workshop on Gauge Theories, Supersymmetry and Mathematical Physics, Lyon, France, 2010 (organization);
    • Seminaire Borel (Winter School in Mathematical Physics), Les Diablerets, Switzerland, 2010;
    • Conference Higher Structures in Mathematics and Physics, Zurich, 2009;
    • Infinite Dimensional Lie Algebras, Geometry and Cohomology, (Conference in honor of Claude Roger for his 60th birthday), Lyon, France, 2009;
    • First Meeting of the GDR ``Quantum Dynamics'', Lyon, France, 2009;
    • Winter School on quantum chaos, Bordeaux, France, 2009;
    • Summer school on Real and Symplectic Geometry, France, Paris, 2008;
    • II International Summer School on Geometry, Mechanics, and Control, La Palma, Spain, 2008;
    • Conference ``Algebraic methods in dynamical systems'', UPC, Barcelona, Spain, 2008;
    • Conference ``Geometrical Mechanics'', CIRM, Luminy, France, 2007;
    • Réunion LIOUVILLE, ``Intégrabilité réelle et complexe en Mécanique Hamiltonienne'', (IRMAR) Rennes, France, 2007;
    • Workshop ``Poisson sigma models, Lie algebroids, deformations, and higher analogues'', ESI, Vienna, Austria, 2007;
    • Thematic interdisciplinary school on ``Perspectives in theory and technology of quantum information and communication'', CIRM (Luminy), France, 2007;
    • Workshop on Symplectic Geometry, Contact Geometry and Interactions, Lille, France 2007;

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